I'll Never Stop Thinking of You

Walking down a dirt road, lookin at the mornin dew
Drifting back to the time, when we were both in school.
That's when I first realized, and I think that you did too,
That I'd never stop thinkin 'bout you.

We were married just a week before, I went off to fight
and the only thing that kept me sane, night after night
was the girl I had to leave behind, and our love that was so true,
and I never stopped thinkin 'bout you.

When I finally came back home, I swore I'd never leave
said you had a little somethin, hidin up your sleave,
we were gonna have a child, it turned out to be two,
now I'll never stop thinkin 'bout you.

The kids grew up and moved away, from our cozy home
we kept each other company, I never felt alone
I felt my life was so complete, there's nothin left to do,
but to never stop thinkin bout you.

I still recall that July day, they called me in the room
they said they didn't have a cure, there's nothin they could do
I know that you are waitin for me, in the sky so blue
Oh I haven't stop thinkin 'bout you
no i'll never stop thinkin of you
How could i ever stop thinkin 'bout you.

 © Jan. 20, 2012 - Gary Schmitt

I'll Never Stop Thinking of You - Song lyrics by amateur songwriter Gary Schmitt,  country song lyrics that come from the heart.